The Epic Failures are to be Expected

Why hasn’t this talk had more coverage? It’s a powerful retelling of a story of how finding “the thing” in life often involves a lot of failures. I’ve started (and restarted!) many projects in life (this blog being one of them) and the talk below really struck a nerve.

How did I get here?

I’m a big fan of Pomplamoose – a popular music act known for their funky covers of popular songs and like many I had an “aha!” moment when I realised that the guy who just loves jammin’ on the keys is not just a musician but the founder of Patreon… the one and only @jackconte.

The talk is super-passionate and Jack reveals all the failed projects of his past and all the time and money he spent on endeavours that went nowhere.

In the talk he shows how some things that looked promising went absolutely nowhere and how spur-of-the-moment things went viral without much thought at all.

It reminds me of the Jim Rohn parable of the Sower and the Seed – better told by Jim than me…

My Takeaways

  • Don’t think that because X failed, all things will fail.
  • Don’t think that because X succeeded, Y (based on X) will succeed.
  • Just keep at it. You’ll find what works eventually.

You must discipline your disappointment

Jim Rohn

Journey vs. Destination

We’re all keen to arrive at the destination. Nothing wrong with that.

Just don’t forget the journey.

Travel should be comfortable and not leave you exhausted at the end. Nobody wants to say “I’ve arrived!” and then promptly collapse in a heap on the floor.

Take in the sights along the way, converse with others. You’ll bring a lot more with you to your destination than you planned and people will welcome you even more.

The point isn’t to reach the end note as fast as you can. It’s to dance while the music is playing. The final note isn’t more important than any other note.

Alan Watts
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